Here’s a quick break down:

dsquery computer –inactive 8 –limit 1000

This line searches the AD for computers that have not logged in for 8 weeks or more. By default the dsquery will only look for 100 objects so we need to raise the limit.

$comp -replace ‘”‘, ”

Here we are cutting the “ character that dsquery hands the objects names over with. These are located at the start and end.

Disable-ADObject and Move-ADObject are self explanatory.

Note they do have –whatif switches that will help if you want to see whats going to happen.

Append -whatif to the end of the command.

$ADComputers = (dsquery computer -inactive 8 -limit 1000) -WhatIf
foreach ($comp in $ADComputers)
        $compclean=($comp -replace ‘”‘, ”)
        Disable-ADAccount $compclean 
        Move-ADObject $compclean -Targetpath “ou=computers,ou=garbage,dc=domain,dc=com”