I hope you all have at least heard of Spiceworks, a free, simple yet powerful multi-user web application that allows you to inventory, monitor, report on and troubleshoot your network, run a help desk, and access a community of IT pros – all from one easy-to-use interface.

However to me, Spiceworks is more than that. Along with the Spiceworks ‘products’ you also get access to the community, a home, a safe haven, a trading post for knowledge, skills and experience, a sometimes a lot of silliness… :o)

At over 6 million IT pros strong, The Spiceworks Community’s a place where IT pros trade tech tips, show off their awesome projects, share real-world advice from the IT trenches… and have a laugh.

Being around in the Spiceworks community for years, I only recently decided to actively participate in discussions, helping answering questions and testing applications.

I helped to Beta test the Spiceworks Network Monitoring Software and the new (and at this time still work in progress?!) iOS Spiceworks App for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch, found bugs and helped to improve things.

If you work in IT, check out my profile and or join us, I promise, you wont regret it! RAWWWR!