Yay bash! Still have not found a good powershell replacement for grep… sure there is ‘select-string’ but meh…

Anyways how to install bash on Windows 10:

  1. Make sure you have the right version of Windows 10 and the Anniversary Update installed!
  2. Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> For Developers -> Activate Developer Mode
  3. Go with Programs and Features (appwiz.cpl) and click on ‘Turn Windows features on or off’
  4. You should now see “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)
  5. Install it and run bash
  6. Now the most frustrating part, you have to sign in to the windows store and accept the TOS <pre class="lang:default decode:true"># Alternatively, this should work too! lxrun /install /y</pre>

  7. Once finished you should have “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows”